Since the founding of the design group in 1952, BSIET has been growing up with the reformation and development of Shougang , through stages of integration and creation, development and expansion, readjustment and promotion, restructure and transformation into an international engineering company with characteristics of diversified investment, internationally operation and scientifically management.


1st stage: Integration and creation (1952 - 1972)


From Shigang design group to design division through evolution and establishment of business, the rudiment of Shougang Design Institute had come into being.
  • On Dec. 1952, design group of general mechanist department of Shijingshan Iron and Steel Plant was founded.
  • On April 1956, design group was renamed design department;
  • On Dec. 1958, design department was renamed capital construction division.


2nd stage: Development and expasion (1973 - 1995)


In the process of Shougang's expansion to 10 MTPA, Shougang Design Institute undertook all engineering tasks and its staff number and technical capacity was further developed and expanded.
  • On Feb. 1973, design division of Shougang Iron and Steel Company was emerged with Beijing Metallurgical Design Company and renamed Design Institute of Shougang Company;
  • On Oct. 1981, renamed Design and Research Institute of Shougang Iron and Steel Company;
  • On June. 1984, renamed Design Institute of Shougang Company;
  • On July 1992, renamed Shougang General Design Institute;
  • On July 1995, renamed Beijing Shougang Design Institute;


3rd stage: Readjustment and promotion (1996 - 2007)


Shougang Design Institute become the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shougang with the qualification of independent legal person, started to enter social market, took lead in project general contract business in reconnaissance and design industry of China and its services was extended from Shougang to China and even to international market.
  • On May 1996, Beijing Shougang Design Institute was registered and established and become officially the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shougang with the qualification of independent legal person;
  • On Sept. 2003, established Beijing Sino-Japanese Energy Saving & Environment Engineering Co, Ltd.,a joint venture of Beijing Shougang Design Institute and Japan Nippon Steel Co.
  • On Nov. 2003, established Beijing Cockerill Metallurgy Engineering Co. Ltd., a joint venture invested by Belgium CMI and Beijing Shougang Design Institute.
  • On Jan. 2007, overall auxiliary business reorganization was started in all aspects;


4th stage: Restructure and transformation (2008 - now)


After restructure, BSIET is dealing with market in all aspects, investment mode turns from state-owned company to diversified invested enterprise with majority shares held by the state, operation mode turns from design as the major to project general contract as the major and service scope turns from Shougang to world clients.
  • On Feb. 2008, Beijing Shougang Design Institute finished auxiliary business restructure and BSIET was registered and established. The registered capital is 150 million Yuan, among which: Shougang Corporation holds 49% and manager’s team and technical backbone take 51%.
  • On Dec. 2009, reorganized Guizhou Shuigang Design Institute, established Guizhou Shougang International Engineering Co., BSIET takes 51% of shares.
  • On Nov. 2010, reorganized Shanxi Changgang Design Institute, established Shanxi Shougang International Engineering Co., BSIET takes 51% of shares.