Market Scope



Comprehensive service to Shouang's "one industry, multiregion"


Shougang Cold Rolling Corporation
Shougang Qiangang Corporation
Shouqin Corporation
Shougang Jingtang Corporation
Tonggang Group
Shougang Yili Iron & Steel Corporation
Shougang Changgang Corporation
Shougang Shuigang Corporation
Shougang Guigang Corporation
Shouqian Corporation


Main customers in domestic market


Serve more than 60 iron and steel enterprises, such as WISCO, TISCO, Baogang, Tanggang, Chonggang, Shanggang, Jigang, Kungang, Jiugang, Xingang, Xuangang, Chenggang and Xianggang etc..


Sichuan: Pangang, Chenggang, Desheng Iron and Steel, Weigang, Anning Ferrotitanium, Tailian, Xin zhongtai, New Steel Industry Chongqing: Chonggang
Jiangxi: Xingang, Nanchang Iron and Steel, Changli Iron and Steel, Jing dezhen Coking
Hebei: Xuangang, Tanggang, Xinggang, Chenggang, Hangang, Shigang, Dafeng Coking, Qianjin Iron and Steel, Chuangyuan Mining
Zhejiang: Ningbo Iron and Steel
Jilin: Shougang Tonggang, Tianchi Mining, Mingcheng Steel Plant, Jianlong Iron and Steel
Inner Mongolia: Baogang, Dazhong Mining, Haiming Mining, Huanghe Industry and Trade
Shanxi: TISCO, Shougang Changgang, Haiwei Iron and Steel, Zhongyang Iron and Steel, Shuguang Coal Coke, Liheng Iron and Steel
Shanghai: Shanggang
Tianjin: Rongcheng Iron and Steel, Chongli Steelmaking
Liaoning: Xinwu Steel Plant, New Fugang
Shandong: Jigang, Taigang, Hongda Iron and Steel, Rizhao Iron and Steel, Fulun Iron and Steel, Laiwu Iron and Steel, Huaao Iron and Steel, Longsheng Iron and Steel
Jiangsu: Huaigang, Nanjing Iron and Steel, Asia Steel (Nanjing), Zhongtian,Iron and Steel, Shagang, Shente Iron and Steel
Hubei: WISCO
Hunan: Xianggang, Liangang
Henan: Anyang Iron and Steel, Yongxing Iron and Steel, Zhonghong Coal Chemistry
Yunnan: Kungang, Chuxiong Iron and Steel, Honghe Iron and Steel.
Guizhou: Shougang Shuigang, Shougang Guigang, Shouqian.
Xinjiang: Bayi Iron and Steel
Fujian: Kaixi Iron and Steel, Zhuolong Iron and Steel, Fuzhou Airport.
Gansu: Jiuquan Iron and Steel
Guangxi: Liugang
Shanxi: Longgang


Main customers in overseas market


Serve the customers in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa etc.


India: JSW, Indian Jindal Stainless Steel Company, Indian Bhushan Steel & Strips Limited, BMM Corporation, Arya Corporation.
Malaysia: The Lion Group
Saudi Arabia:Kingdom Iron and Steel Holding Co.,Ltd.
Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Corporation
Vietnam: CVS Group
Angola: gymnasiums
Indonesia: Budihaym, Master
Bangladesh: LPG Corporation
Korea: POSCO Gwangyang Work.