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BSIET, the leader of pellet engineering and technology in China, has the complete technical capabilities and provides all the customers in the world in the optimized proposal with such services as consultations, design, general contract, manufacture of technical equipment, management and so on of palletizing project.


BSIET has his rich experiences in design and construction of traveling grate-rotary kiln pelletizing line and has provided 20 customers at home and abroad in recent years with the design and modification items of about 30 sets of pelletizing lines with the annual pellet production capacity of more than 40 million tons.



BSIET leads the reformation of Chinese pellet technology, always closely integrates with the production practice, creatively develops and applies many milestone-like new techniques and proprietary pellet techniques with BSIET characteristics, and establishes the pellet laboratory of his own.


●The traveling grate-rotary kiln-annular cooler pellet technique firstly and successfully developed in 2000 fills in the gap in large-scale pelletizing technology in China. The construction of the first 1,200,000t/a traveling grate-rotary kiln-annular cooler production line was accomplished at home and the first prize in scientific and technological progress in metallurgical industry was awarded in the year 2004.


●The design and principal supply of the first traveling grate-rotary kiln-annular cooler production line using hematite as raw material was accomplished domestically in India in the year 2006 and the production line was put into operation in 2008.

●As a result of cooperation with a foreign firm, the design of the first 4,000,000t/a traveling grate pelletizing line was completed domestically in China in the year 2008 and was put into production in August, 2008.