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BSIET has the ability and experience to undertake the design and construction of large, medium and small scale ironmaking plant for iron and steel enterprises both at home and abroad and provide clients with customized total solution and services such as designing , EPC contracting and supply of integrated equipment.


BSIET has established long term cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutes in Beijing and formed a research system with integration of “production, academia, research” and with Shougang as the experimental base for technology development. For ironmaking only, BSIET has won 75 prizes in Science & Technology and Excellent Project Design ,and possess 52 national patents. BSIET’s technology innovation filled several blanks in relevant fields in China. BSIET took charge to edit the national engineering criteria of Dry Bag Dedusting for BF Gas, and attended the edit of the national engineering criteria of Engineering Codes for BF Ironmaking Process and Pulverized Coal Injection of BF; BSIET participated in the development of important topics for technology support in China’s Eleventh Five Years’ Plan. No. 1 BF of Shougang Jingtang, which is designed by BSIET, uses 100% BF gas, but it’s hot blast temperature stabilizes above 1300℃ for long time. BSIET developed and contributed to China’s iron and steel industry.


BSIET has abundant engineering experience and performance reference for BF design and general contract for construction which ranges from small scale BF to 5500m3 extra large BF. It has a complete, systematic and precise design system especially for extra large scale BF, forming an unique technical advantage. It has designed the first 5500m3 extra large BF in China, the operational techno-economic indices of which are in the leading position in China and in the world as well.


BSIET adheres to the design principle of “innovation, precise design and perfection”, follows the service concept of “people oriented, energy saving, environment friendly and customer satisfied” and goes all out to create the most competitive ironmaking plant for clients.


BF designed and EPC constructed by BSIET since 1991


>5000m3 3000~4000m3 2000~3000m3 1000~2000m3 <1000m3 Total
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