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By the way of self-dependent design and system integration, BSIET is devoted to provide the clients with technical services like consultation, design, equipment integration and EPC construction for the whole process of steel making and relevant auxiliary facilities. Its technology is widely applied into hot metal pre-treatment, converter steel making, EAF steel making, secondary refining, continuous casting, lime kiln, scrap processing, primary and secondary slag treatment.


BSIET, during 30 years of practice in steel making engineering, gained the unique capability for technical research and development and integrated application, and made outstanding contribution to the optimization of structure and technical progress for client enterprise and even the steel making system in China. Especially the technologies of hot metal desulphurization, integration of large scale converter system, automatic steel making with sub-lance, secondary refining by LF and RH, continuous casting and active lime kiln are in the leading position in China.


In the engineering design and construction, BSIET practices the concept of energy saving and environment protection, helps the client to realize the maximization of value and optimization of investment and operational cost and the sustainable development of steel making plant. In recent years, more than 50 steel making projects have been designed for iron and steel enterprises in China and abroad, providing steel making projects with advanced technology, rational arrangement, energy saving and protected environment.


Steel making projects designed and EPC constructed by BSIET since 1990

Converter (Nos.)

>200 t 100-200 t 50-100 t <50 t Total
9 3 14 22 48

EAF (Nos.)

150 t 50t Total
1 2 3

Refining facilities (set)

LF refining furnace Vacuum treatment unit CAS and ladle powder injection Total
15 7 6 28

CCM (strand)

Billet CCM Bloom CCM Slab CCM Total
108 6 17 131

Hot metal treatment facilities (set)

HM desulphurization facilities HM de-P and de-Si facilities Total
17 1 18

Shaft kiln (Nos.)

300tpd 500tpd 600tpd Total
1 11 1 13