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The industrial furnace business department of BSIET is a technical service provider engaged in energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection technology and engineering design, product development and project general contract (EPC) in heat engineering field of iron and steel industry in China, having unique technical advantages and abundant experience in large walking beam (pushing) reheating furnace for slab/billet, reheating furnace for silicon steel, bell type reheating furnace, rotary hearth reheating furnace as well as various heat treatment furnaces, aluminum melting furnace and furnaces for direct reduction process, possessing many proprietary technologies and patents and having sufficient performance references. The industrial furnace business department of BSIET, taking leading technology as the bases, quality product as the guarantee and client’s satisfaction as the target will render technical services throughout the entire process of project and finally realize win-win situation for both provider and client.


BSIET used to be an enterprise design institute of Shougang, and its technology is from the demand of production, promoted by the renovation of production and applied to the practice of production. BSIET have the following advantages:


  • participate in production commissioning, possess first hand production data like heating curve etc.;
  • assist the production, closely follow the production, improve them from time to time, accumulate experience successively and keep making innovation;
  • having the ability and experience to give instruction to the production and technical training;


The commitment of BSIET is “the completion of project is not the end of project life. BSIET is not contractor only but also the instructor and explorer of advanced production process”.