Visual Identity




Identification of BSIET is mainly composed of identification of Shougang "SG", capital letter "G", English abbreviations "BSIET". Artistical distortion of capital letter "G" surrounds English abbreviations "BSIET" and lifts the identification of Shougang "SG", its moral is as follows:


(1) Letter "G" comes from identification of "SG" and its moral is historical origin of the company developed from restructured subsidiary company of Shougang Group;
(2) The moral of letter "G" like global shape is the company's strategic directions facing international and developing to international engineering company;
(3) Letter "G" comes from Chinese phonetic alphabet initials of four abbreviations of the company "Shougang, Guoji, Gongcheng, Gongsi";
(4) Artistical distortion of capital letter "G" -the rich vocabulary of movement and extending far-represents enterprise spirit "openness, truth-seeking, innovation, self-reliance" and its moral is the unlimited space for the development.


The colours of BISET's identification include hot metal red and technological blue. Hot metal red indicates company's main service field-iron and steel industry and it symbolizes energetic and flourishing; Technological blue indicates the company always takes technological innovation as the highest pursuit of core competitiveness and it symbolizes leading-edge creative spirit which will never stop.