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Remarkable Benefit from Chinas First Chromium Powder Iron Ore Pelletizing Production Line within Six Months after the Put-into-production

date:2015/7/21 11:39:00


The 200,000t/a chrome ore pre-reduction pelletizing project of Fengzhen Xintaixin Material Technology Co. Ltd. designed by BSIET, is smooth and stable on production within six-month after the put-into-production, daily pellet output 600t, chrome reducibility 30%, and the consumption of electric furnace gas is only 44kNm3/h. This project is the first pellet pre-reduction production line from agglomeration of chromite fines in China, and also the first overhead rotary kiln production line in China.

The project is started for construction in July, 2013, and put into production in November, 2014, application of grate -kiln process, with characteristics of concise process flow, compact layout, reasonable selection of equipment, etc. In comparison with traditional lump ore smelting, this production line can save electricity approx. 30%, decrease of coke for smelting by nearly 40%, increase of electric furnace productivity by nearly 50%, increase of chrome recovery rate by 1% ~ 2%, and reduction of fume volume by approx. 20%, with  outstanding result of energy-saving and cost-reducing.

At present, with heavy demand of resources by ferrochrome alloy industry, chrome lump ore becomes less and less, which can meet metallurgical requirement and direct charging-in; But with increase chrome ore exploitation amount and decrease of the original ore grade, output of chrome fines is more and more. In comparison with chrome lump in smelting aspect, chrome fines are easy to have bad permeability of ore electric furnace, heavy fluctuation of furnace condition, creation of ore spray and fire poking phenomenon, as well as consumption increase of raw material, electricity for smelting, and bag dedusting LOI, therefore, it can not be charged into the furnace directly. But chrome fines have superiority of high grade, low price, etc. Agglomeration of chromite fines by pelletizing approach is one of the effective ways for utilization of chrome fines. Chrome pellet, as burden of the ore electric furnace, has advantages of high chrome grade, uniform size, good smelting performance, low electricity consumption, etc.

As the leader of pelletizing industry in China, BSIET researched and developed the grate - kiln pelletizing production process equipment firstly in China. In 2000, the first 1,000,000t/a grate - kiln iron ore pelletizing production line was developed and designed successfully at home, which centralized a technical expert team with experienced engineering design, construction and production management. In this project, with combination of project resource characteristics and benefit target, BSIET researched and designed this pellet pre-reduction production line of agglomeration of chrome fines in innovative way, which has satisfied the owner's demand primely and has gained high appraisal from the owner.