General Layout


BSIET has his capability to design the general layout and transportation of the iron and steel plants from million tons to 10 million tons and has his unique technological superiority in the aspects of realizing a compact, high-efficient, smooth and artistic general layout. In recent years, BSIET has completed the following design works of the general layout and transportation system for many integrated iron and steel complexes with different production scales one after another and his technological level has been greatly strengthened: Jiangsu Huaiyin Iron and Steel Company (1,000,000t/a), Shougang Shouqin Metal Material Co., Ltd. (2,600,000t/a), Shougang Qian'an Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (8,000,000t/a) and Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel Plant (9,700,000t/a), etc. The engineering design of the general layout and transportation system for Shougang JIngtang is awarded the first prize of national excellent project design in metallurgical industry.


Meanwhile, BSIET has his strong technical power, rich practical experiences and more obvious technological advantages in the fields of design of general layout and transportation for those projects to be modified and expanded. For decades, BSIET has accumulated a wealth of practical experiences in the aspects of modification and expansion of old plants thanks to Shougang's modification and expansion from 600,000t/a to 8,000,000t/a. In recent years, BSIET has successively undertaken the design of general planning for modification and expansion projects of Xuanhua Company (8,000,000t/a) of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Shougang Shuicheng Iron and Steel Company (5,000,000t/a), Shougang Changzhi Iron and Steel Company (6,000,000t/a) and Shougang Tonghua Iron and Steel Company (7,500,000t/a). Meanwhile, BSIET is good at dealing with and solving all the complicated engineering issues took place on sites.


Due to the independently-developed "One-Ladle-Through" technology, cancellation of the traditional torpedo cars and integration of such functions as BF hot metal receiving, transporting, pretreatment and so on into one create a new record in the enterprises in China.

A successful application of the "One-Ladle-Through" hot metal transporting technology in Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel Plant has obtained an excellent effect in the aspects of energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, economic benefit and so on and has a wide application value.