Architecture and Structure

  • General
  • Ground Treatment
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Concrete Structure
  • Steel Structure
  • Industrial Architecture


BSIET with its outstanding achievement in industrial building structures has the capability to provide the design and consultation service of all-flow civil engineering from mining and ore dressing to hot and cold rolling in iron and steel industry, has the prominent technical superiority in such fields as ground foundation work, concrete structures, high-rise steel structures, light steel structures, large-span steel structures, heavy building structures, special structures and so on, and has a very strong power especially in the aspects of analysis and calculation of such special structures as large blast furnace shell, water tower of hot blast pipe, box type equipment foundation of large hot continuous rolling mill, etc.


BSIET has got many engineering achievements that create the new records of the Chinese enterprises. For instance, the design of the box type equipment foundation for Qiangang's 2160mm hot rolling project creates the new record of design of underground box type foundation for large hot rolling project that is firstly and independently completed at home; Shougang's Jingtang 5500m3 blast furnace creates the new record of design of the shell structure for the superlarge blast furnace with the maximum volume; Shougang's Jingtang underground concrete work creates the record of the largest scale of one metallurgical project; Shougang's Jingtang soft earth ground treatment technology creates the world record of one largest-scale project with maximum foundation piles and soft earth ground treatment for building up an iron and steel plant on the reclaimed land from the sea by way of sand blowing.


The large industrial building designed by BSIET has become the demonstration project for architectural teaching in Tsinghua University.