Fuel Gas

BSIET can provide services like general planning, project proposal, feasibility study, preliminary design, construction design, technical consultation and general contracting for fuel gas and energy project of BFG purification, converter gas purification, gas recovery to large, medium and small size iron and steel enterprises in China and overseas. Having the following technical features:


  • TRT of BF adopts the know-how for cascade arranged top recovery unit, successfully realized variable power generation and low voltage start of TRT;
  • For large converter gas recovery, independently integrate 210t converter gas dry dedusting technology with obvious energy saving effect;
  • Compound anti-corrosion technology applied on inner wall of gas pipeline for full dry BFG bag dedusting process;
  • Comprehensive technology of fuel gas storage, distribution, purification and processing centre for large steel complex, realizing the large sizing and outdoor installation of process equipment.
Converter gas dry dedusting system By-product gas storage and distribution centre for steel plant
Comprehensive plant pipe network Gas mixing and pressurizing station