BSIET has abundant experience and excellent technology in term of oxygen project design, attached great importance to the introduction, digestion and innovation of international advanced technology for air separation equipment and successively completed several designs for new construction and expansion and revamping of air separation plants.


From 1980s when Shougang introduced the first large size air separation unit in metallurgical industry of China and awarded the Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress and the Bronze Prize of national excellent design to now, BSIET has made great achievements in innovation and application of air separation technology. From 2002 to 2008, it had successively developed and applied advanced design process technologies and was awarded many excellent design prizes in the plant design of 23000m3/h、35000m3/h、75000m3/h air separation projects for Shougang oxygen plant, Qiangang oxygen branch plant and Jingtang oxygen plant respectively and 35000m3/h air separation project of Ninh Binh Fine Coal Based Urea Plant Vietnam.


In recent years based on the summary of advanced experiences both at home and abroad and demands of the users, BSIET has been making improvements on process flow selection of air separation unit, equipment configuration, design of pressure regulating station and design of pipe network in plant area to make it more safe, energy saving and rational. It has made a record in Chinese metallurgical industry in the aspect of innovative application of new air separation flow and the introduction and technical digestion of large sized single unit of air separation equipment.


BSIET's technology has the following characteristics:


  • Dynamic stress calculation and spring support design and selection for pipe system of air separation purification system;
  • Pipe system stress analysis design technology for inlet and outlet pipeline of cold box plate main heat exchanger;
  • Safety design technology for oxygen pressure regulation station;
  • Layout design technology for simplified air separation plant;
  • Simulation of dynamic oxygen consuming curve for iron and steel users, using world newest quick load variation air separation technology;
  • Design technology for optimization of air separation process flow etc.


Bentley PSDS 3-D plant design software,AutoPIPE stress analysis software and American CAESAR—Ⅱ pipeline stress analysis software are used in design to make it more reliable.