Electrical drive


BSIET has the ability and experience to undertake the design and construction of electrical drive control system for large, medium and small scale iron and steel enterprise both at home and abroad and provide clients with customized total solution and services such as design, general contract and supply of integrated equipment.


BSIET has rich performance references in design, integration and site commissioning in aspect of electrical drive system etc., and has completed many projects of electrical drive control system from medium and small scale iron and steel plant to 10 million tons large scale iron and steel plant. BSIET has a set of complete, systematic and accurate design system, and owns a science and technology research and development team with exquisite technology and abundant experience, forming unique technical advantages. The self-designed electrical drive control systems for 5500m3 blast furnace, 500m2sinter machine, 4300mm wide plate mill, 2250mm hot strip mill, 1580mm hot strip mill, cold rolled silicon steel etc. have seen a stable operation after commissioning and the techno-economic indices are in the leading positions at home in China.