Water Treatment


BSIET dedicates to research and application of comprehensive treatment and deep treatment process, technical furnishment improvement, and so on for metallurgical waste water for years. Complete process under various working conditions for metallurgical waste water treatment and deep treatment has been gradually formed with its own patent technology and abundant achievements of design and equipment completion project.


Technical features:


BSIET comprehensive metallurgical waste water treatment technology adopts the integrated structure of combined function of coagulation, clarification, sludge thickening, mud-slag return with characteristics of high automation level, sufficient treatment efficiency and low operating cost. Updated post coagulation and pH adjustment pond is provided after high efficiency clarifier for easy coagulation and filtration, and it is typical and high efficiency comprehensive waste water treatment technology for iron and steel industry.




  • After it is applied firstly and successfully to Shougang Waste Water Treatment Plant with EPC project in 2001, it is well promoted and applied in many iron and steel enterprises in China.
  • In 2003, it was successfully used in Shougang Qiangang Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • In 2009, JISCO Waste Water Treatment Plant adopts this high efficiency technology with coagulation, settlement filtration process, and it was scheduled to put into production in 2010.


Typical project:


Shougang Waste Water Treatment Plant


This project was put into production in 2002 with maximum design daily capacity 108,000m3, and occupied land 2.95 hectares. It is the first one with application of the most advantage physical and chemical process in iron and steel industry in China for waste water treatment project of comprehensive waste water treatment. According to feature of metallurgical enterprises, and for maintaining optimal water balance inside Shougang Corporation, 30% drainage water is treated and reached to Class II of Beijing Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants. This means that major unqualified items in drainage water such as F-, COD, SS, oil and so on are treated to meet the standard requirement and discharged. 70% drainage water is deeply treated and then it is reused for industry production in order to have fresh water 2800m3/h reduced accordingly.


This project is one of 60 Beijing Municipal critical project and it is awarded as 2nd prize of Shougang science and technology progress and 2nd Prize of Ministerial Excellent Project Design in Metallurgical Industry.


Shougang Jingtang Sewage water Treatment Plant


To ensure "Zero" discharge of sewage and waste water in the plant, two comprehensive waste water treatment stations are built with average daily capacity24000m3and maximum daily capacity30000m3each station. Production waste water after treatment is completely used for various working procedures. Living sewage treatment process adopts A/O biochemical treatment mode. Sewage after this treatment is mixed with production waste water for further comprehensive treatment.


Shougang Qiangang sewage water Treatment Plant


Purpose of this project is to treat production drainage and living sewage of Qiangang Complex. After attainment of the standard, it is reused to Qiangang Complex and Dashihe Iron Ore Mine. Maximum capacity for production waste water treatment of the waste water treatment plant is 36000m3/d with application of high density clarifier and V-shape process as core treatment. Capacity for living sewage is 1500m3/dwith application of A/O method as core treatment process.