Smoke and Gas Treatment


General of Ability:


BSIET self developed an opposite collision type fume desulfurization process, who owns the patent of continuous opposite collision type opposite collision type fume desulfurization tower. This technology provides many opposition collision reactor zones to absorb SO2 and to make SO2 in purified fume less than 50mg/Nm3(experiment value), 30 mg/Nm3(content of dust less than (experiment value) and with advantages of less occupied land, low investment and high efficiency of desulfurization, etc.

Technical features:


  • It is is applicable for semi-dry and wt type desulfurization process;
  • It can have multi-section continuous opposite collision type desulfurization zones;
  • Desulfurization reaction zone with sharp turbulence and high particle density;
  • High mass and heat transfer efficiency;
  • Application of Fluent software simulation


Patent technology:


The continuous opposite collision type desulfurization tower is BSIET's patent technology. The desulfurization tower adopts basic flowing structure with vis-a-vis annular flow fluid with characteristics of less internal components, simple structure, less resistance produced to fluid, and the fluid is hard to have dirt attached inside the tower. Meanwhile, contact area between fluid and gas is big with low fluid/gas ratio. Flow speed can be developped to high level, high mass transfer coefficient, less volume and low energy saving and easy maintenance.